Owners Say Dog Shot At By Police Not Violent

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A dog on the loose in north Omaha forces neighbors to call police.

But once police arrive, they say they're forced to fire.

The owners weren't home, in fact, our Chase Moffitt was the one who told them what happened.

Animal control officers take Kiki, a grey and white bully breed dog, into custody near 36th and Jaynes.

This after officers were called to the area because a door was open to the house where Kiki and two other dogs live.

Somehow, Kiki got loose.

"I thought my brother went over there because he called me like hey mom is not here, she is at work,” Ashley Middlebrook said. “I'm hoping he didn't leave the door cracked and she got out that way."

Middlebrook owns the home and was dog sitting the two adult bully breed dogs for her brother and soon-to-be sister in law.

According to Omaha Police, neighbors called 911 because Kiki was charging them. Investigators say she even charged at an officer. The Officer then opened fire.

He missed hitting the dog but one bullet ricocheted into a neighbor’s home. Kiki went back inside and police called for back-up.

“No they've never gotten out and just been running around the town so it is just kind of stressful right now," Middlebrook said.
In all three dogs were taken into custody. Kiki, another dog named Tyson and Middlebrook's 12-week-old puppy.

"Just trying to keep it together to get them, make sure they are OK, they will not let us see them right now," Middlebrook said.

After initially informing the family as to what happened while they were away, the trio took off from the home.

We caught up with them at the Nebraska Humane Society where they worked to get their dogs back.

"He was just trying to tell us that because they had to shoot at the dog and because it went through somebody's house, when the bullet ricocheted…. we basically getting cited and going to have to pay a fine to get them," Middlebrook said.

In the end they were able to take back Tyson and the puppy.

But Kiki will not be coming home with them tonight.

"It is just difficult just, trying to keep some pets you love," Middlebrook said.

Mark Langan with the Nebraska Humane Society tells us Kiki, who charged at the officer and was shot at will be held until the police department can file a report and officers can sort out details with animal control.

Kiki's owners are from Washington state and tell WOWT 6 News they will have to license the dog, purchase a $100,000 liability insurance
policy and provide proof of ownership.