Organization Combats Crime & Poverty In Park Avenue

Reduce crime and poverty. That's what the organization inCOMMON plans to do in the Park Avenue community.

Ana Hammers lives on Park Avenue in Midtown. She remembers what the neighborhood was like 15 years ago.

“This was a really good neighborhood. It was like Park Avenue on Monopoly,” said Hammers.

Now it’s an area often plagued with crime. “Now it’s a little scary. There’s a lot of graffiti and stuff, unwanted people,” said Hammers.

Within the past few years residents say things have changed, both good and bad. On the North end many properties have been bought and renovated.

“The buildings look really nice now compared to what they were,” said Virginia Lindeman.

On the south side there hasn’t been much change, so the organization InCOMMON has decided to do something about that.

Director Christian Gray gave Channel 6 a tour of the property they bought on Park Avenue. The plan is to turn the building into a community center.

“The simple idea of building community, getting people to know each other, to participate in community, combats things like poverty and crime and a host of other ills in the community,” said Gray.

The organization hopes to have the center up and running by Spring of 2013 and residents like Hammers say they look forward to it.

“I would definitely be a part of that to make my neighborhood feel safer,” said Hammers.

Right now the organization is $80,000 short of their goal to get construction started. If you would like to donate or learn more about the organization click on the link below.