One Week Later: Officer Involved Shooting Witness Speaks

It's something Tony Ayala will never forget, he says.

"I was sitting here, watching, I turn around - thought I heard the phone ring - I turn around, just stepped inside one step. I still had the door open. I heard pow-pow... Pow-pow. I turn around like this, and he was down."

Ayala lives just west of Sports Car Garage. That's where Omaha Police Officer, Alvin Lugod shot and killed Daniel Elrod, one week ago, following a robbery at a nearby Family Dollar store.

Ayala says, "I knew nothing about the robbery. I just assumed he was probably trying to strip cars or something and got caught, before he got over the fence."

Ayala says from his vantage point, he had a pretty good view of the situation. He says he could even make out most of what Elrod was saying to police.

Tony Ayala recalls, "'Go ahead, shoot me. I don't care.' I heard someone say that he was claiming he was unarmed. I never heard anything like that out of his mouth."

Ayala also says he never heard Elrod say he had a gun.

Ayala admits it was a scene he couldn't tear his eyes from, even after the shooting took place.

He says, "I sat up, watching all the different cruisers and detectives coming and going - walking all around until probably three or four in the morning. Then, two cruisers just sat there and stood guard the rest of the night, and another one was there all day long."

He says he's not going to speculate on what should have happened. He says it's just a shame it did happen.

WOWT 6 News reached out the county attorney Monday. We're told the Grand Jury is meeting on March 9th, but it's still unclear as to whether this fatal, officer-involved shooting will be laid before it, then.

Meanwhile, Officer Lugod remains on paid, administrative leave.