Omaha Police Officers Purchase Bike for Boy with Scraped Knee

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A heartwarming story on the Omaha Police Department's Facebook page is going viral. Here is the full text of the post:

"A couple days ago, Omaha Police South Gang Detectives Thomas and Wiley, noticed a little boy in the street lying on the ground. The detectives stopped and asked if he was ok. The little boy, named Qwell, said he was even though he had a scraped knee. The little boy said he had a hard time riding the only bike the family had. It was a girls' bike that had a flat back tire. Detectives Thomas and Wiley took the little boy home to his mother. After they left they decided they needed to buy this little boy a new bike he could ride and not get hurt on.

They went to nearest Kmart and purchased a brand new boys bike. They returned to Qwell’s house and presented him with his new bike! Detectives noticed the bike’s seat was not fully secured. Detective Wiley promised he would be back the next day to fix it. I made sure (even though neither Thomas nor Wiley wanted any recognition), I knew what time they were going to see Qwell to fix his bike. When I arrived the next day, Wiley was using his own tools from home to secure, and properly adjust the seat for Qwell while Thomas was surrounded by more children and passing out OPD badge stickers. This is such a great example of the officers in Omaha! - I thought this story needed to be shared. These Gang Detectives went above and beyond their job description to make this little boy’s day! Thank you!"

At the time of writing, the post had about 12,000 likes and nearly 2,400 shares on the Omaha Police Department's Facebook page.