Omaha Couple Invents Baby Monitor, Now In Stores Nationwide

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As parents, we would do anything to protect our babies. An Omaha mother of four knows that feeling all too well. She invented a product to give parents peace of mind. That product is starting to fly off store shelves.

"I'm super proud of her." said Jeff Evans,

Mollie Evans is a mother of four. Her kids are where her inspiration first began.

"Molly thought about it eight years ago when our first little guy was born." said Jeff.

Mollie's vision-a baby monitor that tracks your child's oxygen and heart rate.

"The actual sensor is in the heel and he's super comfortable." said Mollie.

The sensor in the baby's sock connects to an app.

"Then you can just read his levels through blue tooth." said Mollie.

The app alerts parents if their baby's levels drop. Mollie and her husband Jeff tell our Malorie Maddox, this product was years in the making.

"We spent about 3 1/2 years developing this product. Research, development, testing, clinical testing. and now we have purchase orders. And our product is on Walmart store shelves, Amazon. We just got an order from Target last week." said Jeff.

For new moms, like Caitlin Jorgensen, it gives her that relief her baby, Grayson, is okay in his crib.

"When you are transitioning your baby from your bedroom to their bedroom, it just makes it that much easier. You don't have to worry about them as much." said Caitlin.

Baby Vida sells for $149. Caitlin says it is worth it.

"We put on his pj's. It stays on during the night and doesn't bother him at all." said Caitlin.

The Evans say years of hard work is finally paying off. They don't plan to stop developing their Baby Vida monitors.

"We'd love to have a second version and have a video monitor go along with it." said Mollie.

But for now, they are enjoying the fact that their product is catching the attention of parents...and idea that began right in their living room.

"Mollie was never going to throw in the towel. It was always..."We're going to make this work." said Jeff.

The Evans says they use an engineering company based in Lincoln to make the monitors.