Savannah Rae Cook: Omaha baby defies the odds

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An Omaha couple says their baby is a miracle. They weren't preparing to ever leave the hospital with her, but tonight, she is home.

"Each day, each minute, each second has been a miracle. That's truly what my daughter is a miracle," said Mark Cook, Savannah's father.

First time parents April and Mark Cook never thought they would get the chance to bring their baby girl home.

"I just remember when the high-risk doctor told us...frozen and staring out the window and being very numb to it already," said April.

At their 20-week ultrasound, they found out their baby had Hydranencephaly, a rare brain disorder.

The result is the baby's head may appear normal but they are missing the majority of their brain.

Dr. Todd Lovgren, A Maternal-Fetal Medicine Doctor at Methodist Women's Hospital says, "Savannah's case was unusual in that her brain died because it was exposed to amniotic fluid due to a defect in the skull that didn’t close properly when her skull was developing."

"She was left with pretty much not a lot left but her brain stem and that's what's keeping her functioning and going," said April.

April and Mark were faced with going through with the pregnancy or terminating it.

"If I were to do that, I'd be giving up on her and I didn't want to give up on my own daughter," April said.

She made it full term. On March 24th... "That was just the best moment of my entire life," said April.

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She heard her baby girl cry. Savannah Rae had beat the statistics and survived childbirth.

"She's beautiful and there's no number you can put on her..." said April.

Since that day, Savannah keeps defying the odds. Most babies, if they make it to childbirth, don't live more than a few minutes or hours.

"She acts like any other regular baby," said April.

A baby April refused to ever give up on. After all, April knows something about being a fighter. She is a young breast cancer survivor.

"At 18 years old, was diagnosed with breast cancer-a phyllodes tumor. It's about one in two million," said April.

April had two lumpectomies, radiation. She didn't know if she would ever be able to breastfeed. She gave it everything she had and found a way.

"That was really important to me to be able to breast feed and give her the best that I can," said April.

A few days after she came into this world, Mark and April were able to take their baby girl home.

"We were a little more prepared for not bringing her home and planning for a funeral instead of getting diapers, bottles. I mean, we donated diapers we did have to help another family," Mark said.

As they treasure being first-time parents, they also know their time may be short.

"If the time does come where God still wants to call her home that she will be an organ donor," said Mark.

They hope if they lose their little girl, Savannah Rae's heart will live on in other babies.

"She's beautiful. She's beautiful inside and out and for someone so tiny she's made a pretty big impact and it's only going to get better," said April.

The family created a Facebook page to share their baby girl's journey. They are so thankful for the love and prayers they have received from people all over the country. You can check out Savannah's Page HERE.