Update: 2nd Victim Named In Double Shooting

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Omaha police Monday morning identified the second person wounded in a Sunday night shooting at 40th and Nicholas. The man is 21-year-old Laron Jones. Jones survived the shooting, 54-year-old Steven Veland did not.

About 7:30 Sunday evening a car drove by at 40th and Nicholas and someone inside opened fire. Veland, who was walking in the area, was hit and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Ten minutes later, another man -- now identified as Leron Jones -- arrived at the University of Nebraska Medical Center by private vehicle. He was suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Jones is expected to survive his injuries.

Residents of 40th and Nicholas had gathered for a barbecue. “There was a small, little get together, looked like everybody was having a great time, a lot of fun and then to hear that somebody got stupid basically, it's really sad because this isn't a horrible neighborhood,” said Kirsten Graves.

A family speaks out after losing a loved one in the city's latest homicide. Steven Veland was gunned down Monday evening near 40th and Nicholas. A second man, Laron Jones, was also injured by gunfire. Despite Veland's lengthy criminal history, his family maintains he was not the intended target.

Kenneth Gunter says, "Why? You know, they say the wrong place the wrong time, somebody was just ignorant, this was an ignorant senseless death that this family has been through enough." Gunter is 54-year-old Steve Veland’s brother-in-law; the two go back to grade school.

Gunter would be walking to meet up with his friend "Stepin' Steve" as he's known but not today. "Any killing is bad, but this here makes no sense, this here is a useless killing."

It was 7:30 Monday night, when a car drove by 40th and Nicholas and according to Gunter; Veland was walking in the area heading back from the convenience store and knew someone inside the car, starting up a conversation.

Soon after, shots rang out and Veland was wounded by gunfire, he was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center where he later died.

Monday, police identified a second victim from the shooting, 21-year-old Laron Jones but are not sure of the association between Veland and Jones.

But we do know the criminal history of both men, both stretching over several years. Veland has served jail time for obstruction of justice, false information and resisting arrest and more recently in June of this year, dismissed charges of suspicion of assault and a weapons charge for a stabbing near the same area of the homicide.

Laron Jones has served jail time for felony possession charges in April of 2009 and other misdemeanor drug charges.

But Veland's sister and two nieces say their brother and uncle did not deserve to be shot and killed. Kia Gunter says, "I wish all this violence and all this gang stuff would just stop everything would just cease, he didn't deserve this, he was an innocent man."

One of the vehicles involved in a hit and run, shortly after the shooting, near Saddle Creek and Farnam is thought to be the getaway car from the shooting. Inside police found beer, 2 I.D.s and 2 cell phones. Police have not made any arrests in this case yet. But with the items recovered from the hit and run, we're told police have a pretty good jump on the case and they are asking for our help anyone with any information is asked to call 444-stop.