Officers lure trapped cat to safety using red-dot sight on a taser, shield

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LA VISTA, Neb. (WOWT) -- We always like stories of heroic rescues and one La Vista Police Officer shared such a "tail" on Twitter.

Officer TJ Markowsky of the La Vista Police Department tweeted Wednesday night around 11:30 pm that a fellow officer came across a cat stuck in a tree in Central Park. Officer Markowsky propped a shield against the tree while another officer used the red dot sight from a taser to lure the cat onto the makeshift "bridge."

After getting the animal out of the tree, Officer Markowsky tweeted several additional pictures of that cat, saying the "cat is in custody. Humane Society on the way. Charges pending for scratching me." The cat was taken to the Nebraska Humane Society where it awaits its owner.

The other officer has some extra paperwork to do for using his taser on the job.

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