O Comic Con Attracts Big Crowds

"Destroyer" is the 13th and final episode of Justice League Unlimited's third season. Written by Dwayne McDuffie, it first aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on May 13th, 2006. Courtesy: Warner Bros./DC Comics
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Comics, costumes and colorful personalities.

That's the mix up at the metro's first ever comic con event -- called O Comic Con.

There's something for everyone young or young at heart.

A walk through the doors inside the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs and quickly life and those in it become "other worldly."

Fans of comics, fantasy, graphic novels and even some of the most iconic cinema show up in force but don't be fooled, -- a serious attention to detail in dressing up.

"They take that attention to detail really well and turn it into costumes, they turn it into things about what they love and run with it." Organizer Matthew Fujan said.

From Doctor Who, Star Trek and even Breaking Bad action figures, there's Hizenberg and a Haz Mat Walter White.

The idea is that no one here gets too nerdy.

"I'm a nerd…I like hanging out with other nerds. I get the chance to dress up outside of Halloween," George Jewett of Omaha said.

And no one here is too old or young to know the power of playing a role.

"I've always looked at stuff to take him to as like a Christmas or birthday gift but this was really close to us with two little ones, it worked out great," Danielle Kostner of Omaha said.

But even Batman, with Cat Woman knows that when it's good vs. evil, love is always the best weapon of for the good guys.

That's why Batman's parents are donning the roles of Penguin and Two Face and brought him here.

"Oh, you know just good clean fun you know, go out and see some comic book characters and kids enjoy it." Steve Kostner said.

There’s even a knight getting scanned digitally into the computer, then will be printed off in 3D, on site.

Because in a world where anything is possible, chances are you can find the right fit here no matter what galaxy.

Here's the schedule for the rest of the weekend:

Saturday and Sunday, doors open at 9 am.

Each day includes Q & A sessions with special guests including WWE wrestler Mick Foley and the voice of the "Red M & M" Billy West.

Tickets are $45 dollars for all three days or you can purchase single day admission.