Now Is The Time To Snag That Seasonal Job

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More than 750,000 people nationwide will be hired for a seasonal job. If you're one of them, now is the time to start looking.

The good news is that you won't have to look too hard. Companies across the metro are advertising for seasonal hires.

If you want a leg up on the competition, Goodwill has a WorkOpps program that has proven to be helpful. Anyone in Sarpy, Washington or Douglas counties who is underemployed or unemployed can apply to participate.

Goodwill will set you up with a mentor who will work with you on developing your skills, and then matches you to a company so you can get on the job experience.

Justin Dougherty with Goodwill said it's a good program from anyone over 16 who may be looking for a first job, whose industry may have dried up recently, or who is looking for a career rather than multiple jobs.

"We help set goals, we help keep them on pace, check in with them, knock out barriers as they come," he said. "At the same time working with employers so that there’s somebody on the back end that’s waiting for them when they graduate."

For more information on this program click on the link provided.

Companies like Omaha Steaks and Younkers right here in the metro are trying to add to their workforce.

Omaha Steaks is hiring 4,000 people this holiday season-- nearly tripling their normal workforce. They're looking for workers in the call center, distribution, warehouse and retail. Based on your experience, you could make up to $16 an hour. And if you have the work ethic, you could stay on longer.

"Each department typically keeps on some employees after the holiday season," Wylene Woodard, the employment supervisor said. "They usually base on performance, attitude, attendance, and so there’s a great chance to stay on after the holiday season. Plus, if you just spend your holiday season with us you get to enjoy the employee discount on products year round."

To apply, go to the offices near John Galt and 108th Streets. You do not need a formal resume. Simply walk in, fill out an application, go through an interview and you'll know same day if you have a job.

Over at Younkers, they're hiring 150 people between the Westroads and Oak View Mall locations. They're hiring for all hours and nearly all positions, including sales associates. Dawn Fortier with Younkers said working in the world of retails on busy days like Black Friday can be crazy, but that it's worth it.

"It is but it’s fun," she said. "For the most part the customers are really fun to shop with and they’re excited to get their Christmas shopping done. And it’s very fast paced, high energy; but the time goes by very quickly."

They are hiring for the full season as well as just for some of the busiest days of the season. If you work for even just a short time, you will get the associate discount for the entire holiday season.

"It’s nice for all of our seasonal hires to get that extra Christmas shopping money," Fortier said. "And if they come on board pretty quickly they’ll be able to have at least two or three checks in their pocket before the holiday season is over."

To apply for a job at Younkers click on the link provided.