New Businesses Moving Near Oak View Mall

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It''s one of the biggest hubs for Omaha businesses: the area surrounding Oak View Mall. Recently, the area has started to see some new neighbors moving in.

Vitamin Shoppe opened about two weeks ago and just a few blocks away, Osteo Arthritis Centers of America. "We have been open since September and we've probably seen 20 to 30 new patients each month," said Osteo Arthritis Centers of America business manager, Brian Carter. "So, we've had great success with what we are doing here."

It's quite a change from just a few years ago. Many of the new businesses in the area are cropping up in places where others failed or moved to different locations. Both, the Linens N Things and HyVee stores are still vacant, but others like LovelySkin and Hibachi Grill, which opens towards the end of March, have filled vacancies.

"Hearthstone Homes had the need to leave," said the owner of LovelySkin, Dr. Joel Schlessinger. "When they saw their economic growth sputtering, we were delighted that we could have the space that we needed to grow into."

Very soon, Osteo Arthritis might be welcoming two new businesses to the neighborhood. "Our landlord has said that there's been interest in the bay next door," said Carter. "He is wanting us to choose whether we are going to expand or not. So, there are businesses popping up all over the place."