New Report on VA Hospitals Cites Strengths & Weaknesses

Courtesy: MGN Online
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A new report lists three areas where National VA Healthcare is at least as good or even better than private providers.

Those areas include: in-patient hospital care, post-operative death rates, and certain types of infection prevention.

WOWT 6 News recently went inside Omaha's VA Hospital and spoke to Doctor Marvin Bittner, a staff physician and infectious disease specialist.

“I think it gets down to commitment. It’s very clear that we're committed to the health of the veterans we serve, and that means personalized care, it means quality care, it means proactive care, patient-driven care,” said Dr. Marvin Bittner.

Nationwide, the VA Health System does have its problems. In fact, Congress and the president have gone so far as to call it broken and another volume of the 600 page report addresses a wide range of areas that need improvement. A few examples include: leadership, bureaucracy, and scheduling.

Over the past few months, WOWT 6 News has highlighted these problems while following the story of Jonathan Robbins: a Marine Corps veteran battling stage 4 throat cancer. He has had to fight bureaucratic red tape at Omaha's VA Health System to get the treatment and medical supplies he needed to stay alive.

Robbins says sometimes he gets tired of fighting.

“Yeah. Every day. Every time, I have to pick up a phone and have to call the VA, I’m like, I don't know how I’m going to do this. I don't know how I’m going to keep doing this,” said Robbins.

As you may remember, after his interviews with WOWT 6 News, Jonathan finally did receive the treatment and supplies he needed and he is getting stronger.