New Details In Millard North Teacher Sex Assault Allegation

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Court documents reveal more information about a Millard North High School teacher who allegedly sexually assaulted one of his students.

Bryan Black was arrested for sexual assault on March 6th.

According to court documents, the 15 year old female victim stated that she exchanged text messages with Black for approximately one month. In those messages Black asked the victim to wear a skirt or dress to school, and to meet him in the room before classes started. He also requested sexual favors.

Additionally, the girl said she met Black in his classroom where he allegedly kissed and groped her-at one point forcing her to touch him.

The victim also admitted to sending nude and partially nude photos to Black.

When questioned by investigators Black denied any sexual contact with the victim.

But when the detectives advised Black they knew that to be false he replied by saying "I think I need a lawyer."

Black said it was the girl who allegedly initiated the inappropriate activity.

Investigators also took in possession a computer bag with Millard Public Schools displayed on the outside, and iPad, and Apple Desktop, external storage device, and a laptop.

Gene Klein with Project Harmony explains in metro schools and doctor's offices are the two places where abuse or assault is reported.

"Whether they be social workers, teachers, SRO's, it really just gives us another line for those kids to talk to someone when something is not right in their life." said Klein.

Black is currently on paid administrative leave from Millard North High School.

About two weeks ago, he posted the $25,000 needed to get out of jail.