New Bike Lanes On Fort Crook Road

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Drivers on Fort Crook Road in Bellevue are noticing something very different...they have to make room for bicyclists.

The route includes the elimination of a lane of car traffic each way from Chandler Road on the north to Capehart Road just past Offutt Air Base.

The bike lanes are starting to get noticed.

Fort Crook Road used to be the main drag between Bellevue and Plattsmouth.

But lower traffic flows have allowed for the monumental change.

Jeff Mutzenberger's shop, Bulls Eye Paint Less Dent And Repair, is on Fort Crook Road. He's not surprised the bike lanes are as wide as a traffic lane.

"I think it becomes a safety issue with such a busy road they need to have a certain width to keep it safe," he said. I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen anybody running you know an exercise thing."

Raegan Muller and her kids Fara and Kaiden are already doing that.

"I've already told the kids that while we're on the road we have to follow the markings of the road and even thought its a bike lane we still have to stop and the stop lights and watch out at intersections," Raegan said.

She thinks the wide path is a good idea.

"I feel that its a lot safer for the kids because I don't have to worry about the traffic getting so close,” she said.

Drivers need to understand that the solid white line prohibits them from using the bike lane. Where the line is broken is an area where drivers can enter the bike lane but the signage is quite clear.

Bicyclists always have the right of way.

"I haven't seen anyone driving in it and so the markings are good," Raegan said.

"The locals seem to understand that there's a bike path and that they're going to have the right of way," Mutzenberger said. "The big bicycle that's painted on the path means stay off."

An official launch of the bike lanes was held Monday night.

Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders lead a procession of cyclists on a ten mile commemorative ride.

It gave riders a chance to get used to the new lanes.