New App Sends Video Of Possible Police Abuse To The ACLU

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A "rough arrest" caught on video.

And now, there's new help available for people who want to report allegations of police abuse.

The new app for smart phones gives citizens the opportunity to track the performance of local police.

The ACLU is rolling out a new app designed to make law enforcement more accountable.

According to the ACLU, recent history reveals just one reason for the new app.

Last year, a couple of cell phones recorded a rough arrest near 33rd and Seward. At least one from the second story of a house across the street.

No one ever saw video captured from a cell phone camera that was recording on ground level.

A police officer removed and destroyed the memory card.

Now, we can record improper police behavior with an app from the ACLU and the ACLU will automatically receive the video.

"The video gets transmitted as soon as the recording stops," Tyler Richard of the ACLU said. 'We think that's really important because as we've seen with one of our lawsuits with Omaha right now."

"There have been instances when law enforcement officers have inapportialty confiscated a cell phone or other kind of camera devise. There are currently officers in Omaha who face criminal charges because of those actions."

Laurel Krausman has heard about the new app. She believes it will help everyone involved.

"I think its a great opportunity for people to protect everyone that's here," she said. "I mean, assuming everybody is doing the right thing and the police are doing the right thing, then it really should be no cause not for us to be doing it."

The app is easy to download and use.

And it's free.

"It's currently available for those with an android device and an I phone version will be available soon," Richard said.

Richard said people have the right to record police activity in the street and maybe with more eyes out there, we will see fewer of the so called rough arrests.

To download the ACLU app, go to "

There will be a training session open to the public on how to use the app.

Another session explains basic rights, when interacting with law enforcement.

That takes place Friday, November 21st from 5-30 to 7-30 PM at the Community Engagement Center located on UNO's campus.