Murder Victims' Families Asking Why

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Law enforcement officials called Nikko Jenkins an indiscriminate killer on Wednesday as they connected the pieces of a bloody puzzle that they say connects him to four recent murders.

They say Jenkins would have killed again if police had not picked him up and taken him off the streets. He's now facing four murder charges.

What police call Nikko Jenkins' reign of terror started in South Omaha in early August. The bodies of Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Ruiz were found in a pickup truck near 17th and F streets.

Eight days later, the body of Curtis Bradford was discovered near 18th and Clark. Two days after that: another body - that of Andrea Kruger, found dumped on the street near 168th and Fort.

Police say Nikko Jenkins is responsible for all four deaths.

Curtis Bradford's mother, Velita Glasgow, asked the question that families of the other victims might be posing as well.

Curtis Bradford

"My question is why," she said Wednesday. "That's my question. Why?

"Nobody, whether it's my son, the Kruger family, the family in Spring Lake - any of them - no one has a right to die like that, regardless, period."

Velita told us, "My son only knows this man due to the fact that he did go to the penitentiary and he did do two years. And that's how he came into contact with this young man."

Mrs. Glasgow says she'd like to thank everyone who came forward and gave police information in order to make the arrest.

"I just hope if he's the one and everything ties together, that justice will truly be served. It will truly be served, truly be served," she said.