Miss Nebraska USA Collecting Toys For Families At Ronald McDonald House

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It's a beautiful story of friendship. A stunning beauty queen-and the little boy who has stolen her heart.

Their new friendship is going to lead to the best "unbirthday" party you have ever seen.

"Next stop is where? the Toy Room. The Toy Room!" shouts Ian Guynn, 8.

Meet Ian and his new best friend, Miss Nebraska USA, Sarah Hollins.

"You're a goofball." said Ian.

It all began when Sarah came to the Ronald McDonald House to serve dinner to families. Ian gave her a tour of the house, and stole her heart.

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"He doesn't have the most perfect, flawless life. He has a feeding tube. He has a pole he carries around and has to walk with." said Hollins.

But Sarah says, that never kept Ian from slowing down...or smiling.

Sabrina Mathis Guynn, Ian's Mother, says, "He has something called Chronic Pseudo Obstruction. Food moves through him very, very slowly and at times it can completely stop."

Ian describes it a little simpler.

"I have this bag of formula and it's going through me. It's going into my tummy through me. It's going into my tummy." said Ian.

Despite his medical obstacles, it doesn't keep Ian from lighting up in the Toy Closet at the Ronald McDonald House.

"Yeah it's a zapper gun. Does it light up? WHOA!" said Ian.

It was inside this closet, Sarah learned Ian has a birthday coming up. He will turn 9.

"Ian won't eat cake. He has a feeding tube that provides his food. I just knew I had to do something to make his birthday as normal as possible...and I couldn't imagine him coming down to this closet to pick just one gift." Sarah said.

So she used her position as MIss Nebraska USA to create a toy list on Amazon and spread the word.

The toys started pouring in.

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"Piling up from all over the country. All the way from California to New York." Sarah said.

With the huge outpouring of support for toys for Ian's birthday party...it has turned into so much more.

It will impact more than 20 families here at the Ronald McDonald House and their biggest need for toys is for kids ages zero to five.">

Sarah said, "We decided to get a whole bunch of gifts and throw an "unbirthday" and celebrate everybody who is here in the house.">

Ian's mother says her little boy has already spent two birthday in the hospital. This year, even though he is away from home in Arizona, it will be a birthday to remember.

Sabrina Mathis Guynn, Ian's Mother said, "To know that your child can have that kind of impact on so many people and to bring awareness on so many kids, it's huge."

A little boy with a big heart-and the Beauty Queen whose heart he stole...together no doubt will throw a party 20 families will remember.

It looks as if I'm impacting him-but the impact is much more the other way. He's changing my life more than I'm changing his." said Hollins.

Ian's mother says she and Sarah have become friends on Facebook. She hopes her son will get released and they can go back to Phoenix soon, but she is so thankful he's had this wonderful experience here at the Ronald McDonald House.

As for toy donations, Sarah added a few more to the list to benefit the other kids at the party. There is a link above.

The toys will be shipped directly to the Ronald McDonald House. They range in price from a few dollars...up to around twenty dollars.