Mineola Cleans Up After Storm

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Damage from Thursday night's storm is still being added up, but the cleanup of the destruction is already underway. The town of Mineola, Iowa was hit hard.

Damage there was as bad as first reports indicated. Most of the windows on the north and east side of buildings were broken by the hail and most of the trees have been stripped of leaves.

After assessing the damage on Friday, people started the process of cleaning up Mineola, located in Mills County between Council Bluffs and Glenwood. Residents spent much of Saturday raking up the leaves and other debris left in their yards.

Covering the broken windows was the first concern, cleaning up the broken glass next. Now people's attention turned to cleaning up the mess stripped from the trees.

Donna Heinicke was at home when the storm hit and describes it as relentless. "It was just constant for 20 minutes and it just kept breaking glass and hail came flying in every room upstairs and downstairs just shattered glass flying across the rooms."

The hail caused the same damage across the street where the Naughtons live. The windows are covered but there is still a lot of work to do and repairs to pay for.

Mark Naughton says, "The roof is shot, lost a vehicle, damage to another vehicle. It's a once in a lifetime storm I hope for us."

The cleanup won't take long but it is the fix up and the time needed to repair all of the damage that is a concern for many of the homeowners in Mineola.

Donna Heinicke says, "We just hope to have the windows and those things replaced and the roof by the time winter hits. Our insurance guy, the first thing he said was get hold of a contractor and get your name on a list."

Until then they cleanup what they can and patch up the holes the best they can.

The damage in Mineola was very localized. About a mile west of Main Street there was very little damage and the further you got out of town there was less damage to the corn.

It looked as if the entire area of destruction was little less than a square mile.