Marijuana Party Of Nebraska Hosts Two Events This Weekend

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This will be a big weekend for the Marijuana Party of Nebraska as it hosts two events in the metro area. The Marijuana Party says it is fed up with waiting for others to act. They demand the end of prohibition on marijuana and are now in action to make it happen.

"Marijuana is far less dangerous then alcohol, cigarettes, or even caffeine or sugar. The negativity surrounding marijuana is based on years of senseless propaganda that has no backing or scientific merit, the opposition to legalization has succumbed to using fear tactics and irrational thoughts to justify their positions against legalization " says Elworth Jr acting chair of the Marijuana Party of Nebraska.

On Saturday, The Marijuana Party will host this year's Omaha edition of the Global Marijuana March which is an annual event that takes place in more than 500 cities worldwide. Tens of thousands of people worldwide will be involved in this annual march. It is believed to be at least the eighth year Omaha has taken part in the event. Their supporters will be gathering in front of the public library in Downtown Omaha at 2:30 pm. They will rally and be having a petition signing for a hour and at 3:30 they will take to the march. They will March Downtown and in the Old Market for about a hour - concluding at roughly 4:30 pm.

Sunday's event will be for the candidacy announcement of Zach Boiko for Mayor of La Vista 2016. He will be the Marijuana Party's first announced candidate since forming.

"I want to provide leadership that addresses the entire community and to their concerns" say Boiko. This will be Boiko's first run for office. There will be a rally and petition signing for Zach's announcement in front the La Vista Library ( 9110 Giles Rd) from 2:30 pm til 5 pm.