Video Update: Man Sentenced For Drunken, Wrong-Way Tragedy

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A man was sentenced Tuesday to serve 8-10 years for killing another man on Interstate 480. Victor Perez was driving in the wrong direction in June 2014 when he struck and killed Mickey Riesberg who was on a motorcycle.

On his way into court to be sentenced, Perez was escorted past the family of the man he hit and killed last summer.

The courtroom was too full to hold everyone.

"He made that choice to do that, and then he made the choice to leave my husband there, on the side of the road to die," says Mickey's wife Tanya Riesberg.

Riesberg was in tears through the hearing, explaining to the judge her family has been sentenced to a life without a husband, father and son.

"I did it for my husband because he is not here to speak."

Asking the judge to sentence Perez to serve life in prison, the maximum Perez faced was 20 years.

Perez wasn't just driving drunk, prosecutors say he fled from Nebraska into Iowa, leaving Riesberg behind.

The victim's father-in-law tells Chase Moffit, "[Perez] didn't care, he left him on the road to die. He drove off after he hit him, ripped his leg off and left him to bleed to death."

Surrounded by friends and family wearing green "fallen angel" shirts and ribbons, Ron Massow says he's not happy with the sentence.

"How much time does he have to serve? My daughter has to spend the rest of her life without her husband."

Perez told the judge he didn't want this case to go trial. A plea deal was his way of taking responsibility for his actions.

Defense Attorney Michael Meckna says though his client was not affected at the same level, his poor decisions have taken their toll on his life.

As part of the plea deal, Perez entered a plea of "No Contest" to Felony Motor Vehicle Homicide. In exchange, prosecutors dropped a felony charge of Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident Resulting in Death.

Judge Troia said Perez did not have any prior felonies, so he ordered a sentence of 8-10 years in prison.

With time served and Good Time, Perez will be behind bars for roughly three years and four months.