UPDATE: Mother Brutally Killed In Front Of Her Kids

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It was a horrifying crime that spilled out into the streets of Omaha. A mother, Lavern Eubanks, was stabbed and kicked in front of her own sons.

The man police say did it--Bobby Wallace--had a preliminary hearing Monday.

"Lavern was a loving sister, mother and friend...she didn't deserve this." said Dorothy Johnson, Lavern's sister.

It was May 25th-violence spilled out of Lavern Eubanks' home...into the streets near 33rd and Pratt.

Lavern Eubanks was stabbed 18 times.

Police say as they pulled up, the saw 35-year-old Bobby Wallace kicking Eubanks as she lay on the ground. He also had a knife in his hand.

New details came out in the courtroom. Lavern Eubanks had been arrested earlier that day on an outstanding warrant.

After she returned from being arrested, she and Wallace got into an argument in the kitchen. Wallace claims Eubanks hit him with a pan. Then, he grabbed a paring knife from a drawer and stabbed her several times.

Eubanks' 13-year-old son intervened and got Eubanks free, who then ran outside.

Wallace allegedly went and got a large carving knife and went outside to stab Eubanks. The 13-year-old also got that knife from him.

He got a third knife and started throwing paving stones and bricks at Eubanks head while she was laying on the ground.

Lavern's four sons, ages 5, 11, 13, and 13 watched the attack.

Today in court, Wallace's attorney argued it wasn't premeditated.

"How can you say it isn't premeditated when you stab a person 18 times...stab them in the back and in front of their children. What kind of man would do such a thing...or do you call him a man?" said Dorothy Johnson, Lavern's sister.

Emotions ran high for Lavern's family as they had to hear the horrifying details of that day.

"I would have never thought he would stab her or anything like that." said Johnson.

Lavern Eubanks didn't make it...leaving four sons behind.

"We're dealing day by day. Sleepless nights, aches, pains...trying to get through it." said Johnson.

Neighbors says after Eubanks was attacked her 5-year-old was sitting in the grass crying. Her 11-year-old and one of her 13-year-old sons were running through the neighborhood, trying to get help.

Her other 13-year-old son was by his mom, still trying to protect her.