Man Considers Earth Day a Year-Round Holiday

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For many people, recycling isn't just reserved for Earth Day. There is an Omaha businessman who has made it easy for all of us to think about the earth every day of the year.

Rob Miklas is the owner of Husker Battery. He has gone the extra step to help out the environment and keep batteries out of landfills. He does that by buying back old batteries and then recycling them.

Milkas said he serves as a collector, from his business he then prepares the batteries to be shipped to certified shelters who are authorized to recycle them. Since a battery is at least 70 percent lead, it's important they are properly recycled.

Milkas isn't solely focused on batteries, though. Behind Husker Battery, near 75th and Dodge, he showed WOWT recycling bins for cardboard, glass, plastic, paper and cans.

Milkas said he believes that everyone should do their part and be aware of what we are doing to our planet, much more often than once a year. That is why his bins are available year-round, and are completely free.