Man Arrested After Elaborate Credit Card Fraud

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A man accused of committing elaborate credit card fraud found himself behind bars after messing with the wrong company.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Corporate Security Manager Jim Cahill controls all 300 security cameras in the store. Cahill said anyone caught stealing at their store ends up a wall of shame.

Video recorded from last Saturday shows the latest suspect to end up on that wall of shame. Omaha Police said Michael Poherer was buying electronics on a stolen credit card. Cahill said Poherer racked up quite a bill at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

“This was pretty elaborate scam,” said Cahill. “Been hitting us for fraud to the tune of $5,000 dollars."

He'd order the electronics online; but it was how he picked them up that finally got him caught. Security crews grew concerned after three pick-ups in two weeks, each in a different car and each with a different driver.

"The interesting part of this was he had no wheels of his own, so he was hiring Uber drivers to drive him around," said Cahill.

Security crews investigated and found the credit card used was stolen. The Uber drivers he used had no idea they were actually helping carry out the crime.

“I think my advice, if I was an Uber driver, be careful where you’re taking someone. If they’re asking you to pick something up, you might want to avoid that one,” said Cahill.

Poherer was arrested Saturday when he made another online purchase and got a ride from another Uber, but this time security was well aware they were being scammed.

Cahill tells WOWT 6 News they convinced Poherer to exit the car by telling him that he needed to fill out paperwork. As Poherer got out of the car, security staff surrounded him. Police then stepped in and made the arrest. Arresting officers found that Poherer was carrying a large knife.

“I think the most surprised guy in the place was the Uber driver,” said Cahill.

He said Poherer has been banned from the store and will now face legal the consequences of stealing from them.

“We prosecute 100 percent and we recover 100 percent. So he is facing a lot of accountability from us,” said Cahill.

Pohrer is facing charges of felony unauthorized use of a credit card and theft by deception. Cahill says the credit card he used actually belonged to his former roommate.