Love Application Dangers

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When it comes to finding love, it can be difficult, time consuming, and many other things. It is also why dating apps and dating websites are sky rocketing in popularity.

But it's not easy to know who is using these portals of intimacy for love or who is trolling them with more impure intentions.

"It's as easy to lie on these sites as it is in real life," William Haisch, Independent Security Consultant.

'Singles Around Me' and 'Hot or Not' are two love apps topping the charts.

Haisch helped WOWT Six News dig deeper into both.

Hot or Not allows people to upload personal photos. Once the photos are loaded, than users can rate a person's pictures giving them an overall hotness score.

Singles Around Me is a GPS based application that helps people looking for love find other singles nearby.

Both of these apps come with risks. Many do not realize that Singles Around Me allows people who haven't even signed up to still see the locations of people who are using the app.

Haisch urges anyone who uses these applications to read the 'Terms of Use' and 'Policy Agreement.' By reading both of these, Haisch revealed that with both of these apps, by clicking accept to the terms, the company can freely use any users pictures in their advertising without asking permission.

Another big problem with both apps is that neither app is owned and operated in the United States. This fact makes it much harder to prosecute if something illegal does occur.

"People can be whoever they want, they can post pictures that they can randomly gather off of the internet, they can sign up to be a male, female of any age, and of any name. That information is not validated in any sort," Mark Dishaw, Douglas County Sheriff's Office Investigator.

Dishaw works cyber crimes on a daily basis. He said these apps can attract all types of illegal activity from revenge posts to pedophiles.

The biggest piece of advice when using these apps is to use common sense.

If you do set up a first date, always meet in a public place. It is also highly recommended to always bring a friend and not to drink alcohol on the first encounter. Finally, always tell a close friend or family member where you are going and when you will be back.