Local Groups Aim To Combat Sex Trafficking During CWS

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Soon hundreds of thousands will pack the metro for the College World Series. The FBI told WOWT 6 News that any big event, that brings such a large number of people to Omaha, creates a bigger opportunity for crime. That includes prostitution. Because of that local groups are looking to combat the problem with a unique program.

Rachel Davis escaped such a life 15 years ago, after being sold all across town. “I was trafficked here in Omaha from the age of 6-16, it started at my neighbor’s house,” she explained.

She now helps others get out of such trauma, through the “Free the People” movement. She said many are tricked into the business and threatened to stay by their pimp. She told WOWT 6 News, the CWS is a vital time to rescue them.

“During, like, specifically the world series and some of the larger events we see come to town, the quota for a girl or a guy who’s on the streets increases,” she said. The quota is how much a pimp expects his prostitutes to make. On a normal night - she says one woman she rescued - was expected to bring in $500 - $700. “But, during events like the World Series, the Olympic Swim Trials, the Berkshire meeting, those kinds of things, with an excessive amount of people in town, her quotas would go up to $2,000 a night,” Davis explained.

Davis said that means there could be more buyers, and those selling themselves could be more visible.

Because of that - she's started the “Take a Walk” campaign. Supporters will walk the streets during the series with flyers, t-shirts, and signs. “When we raise awareness, we,re looking for that to turn into action,” Davis said.

The groups hope that taking this walk will help those being sold walk away from the lifestyle, and get those heading up the rings off the streets. The walk will happen everyday of the series between 12-8 pm.

If you want to get involved in the walk Email Rachel Davis at r.davis@freethepeoplemovement.org. You can learn more about both groups in the box to the right.