Local Donations Help Area Kids Prepare for Cooler Weather

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The seasons changing and children constantly growing, it can be a struggle to keep the wardrobe up to date, especially on a tight budget.

Lakischa Hill knows shopping can be a challenge, especially when you have four growing boys.

"I have a 5’7” son, he is taller than me. He is growing month, by month, by month. So the clothes I did buy for him two months ago, he can't wear," said Hill.

Everyone knows clothes are not cheap, but thankfully Hill and her kids are getting a little help. They're shopping on the dime of Operation School Bell. It's put on by the Assistance League of Omaha.

"Operation School Bell, we clothe 4,100 children is our plan, our goal for this year. These are children in kindergarten through eighth grade. We have 198 schools, all 10 school districts in the greater Omaha area," said Suzanne Hinman with the League of Omaha.

Families chosen are those with the most need. Kids get a monetary amount based on their age to spend at JCPenny.

Once families pick out what they want, they check out, and get a $15 gift card for shoes at Payless and then even get to choose a free book.

Hill doesn't even call it shopping, she says they are here getting their blessings.

"Just our blessing that we have been blessed with. Every year I appreciate these guys, every year they come in handy. You know what I mean?"

The Assistance League chooses the children they help each year based on referrals from school districts.

As a volunteer organization, The Assistance League is always looking for help. Follow the link in this story to find out how you can sign-up to pitch-in.