LED Traffic Lights Proposed For Omaha Streets

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Traffic lights are looked at as the signal to stop or go on the streets, but the Omaha City Council will be looking at them on Tuesday; it's a proposal that could save taxpayers money.

They may not look any different, but the traffic lights at 18th and 19th and Farnam are LED lights, as are most of the lights downtown.

On Tuesday, the City Council will hold a public hearing and vote on whether or not to install the LED lights in 525 other locations across Omaha.

"The difference will be a little more bright light, but primarily the fact that its more efficient lighting, better for the environment and will save a lot of dollars for taxpayers with reduced lighting costs for the city," said councilman Pete Festersen.

The lights will cost around $1 million. Festersen says the funding would be mainly federal, with a small local match.