Kruger Family Requests Privacy

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The family of Andrea Kruger was requesting privacy as authorities began to lift the veil on the investigations that led them to Nikko Jenkins.

There was a handwritten note on the front door of the Kruger home Wednesday asking visitors to respect that privacy after they learned from the sheriff Wednesday morning that Jenkins was being charged with Andrea’s murder.

Jennifer Miller has known Andrea Kruger for years as a coworker and a friend.

"I've been thinking of the memories - of how she made me laugh," Miller said.

Andrea was supposed to be in Miller’s upcoming wedding. She tells us she’s been coming across reminders of Andrea over the past few days.

"I found a plate that said Cookies to Santa from Aidan and Andrea made that for my son when he was three,” Miller said. “I just burst into tears thinking of her. I'm thinking we're going to have to use this every year at Christmastime."

Investigators say that Kruger’s murder was random and they’re still looking for the third person they believe was at the scene when she died in the street.

Andrea’s friends find it hard to believe that Nikko Jenkins got out before his prison sentence was over and this case has struck a nerve. Jennifer Miller says she’s purchased a gun and plans to take a Concealed Carry class this weekend.

“It's really taken me back to that you really have to watch your back in this day and age and make sure someone isn't following you,” she said. “You don't say the wrong thing. I just don't feel safe anywhere I go now."