Knicely Done: Taste of Florence with a pumpkin twist

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It's an idea that has been so successful, Mark Kresl wants to offer it to other nursing home and assisted living residents in the Florence area.

In a December 30, 2015 Knicely Done story, WOWT 6 News reported on a newly implemented Skype program at Florence Home that was bringing residents of the facility closer to family members who live out of town.

The face-to-face meetings on the internet provided a boost for the residents, many of whom seldom have a visitor.

Kresl wants to provide the same opportunity to the residents at two other residences: Royale Oaks and House of Hope.

"But that's an expensive proposition," said Kresl in an interview with WOWT 6 News. "And so in thinking about different things we can do to help raise the money, I was thinking one day about the great restaurants we have in North Omaha and Florence. I put the two of them together and the "Taste of Florence" was born and that's gonna the the engine that drives the Skype program at our other three residences."

The family event will be held on Sunday September 11, 2016 at Florence Home Healthcare from 1 pm to 5 pm. A variety of cuisine from restaurants in North Omaha and Florence will be featured along with activities and live music.

Included in the afternoon of entertainment will be a pumpkin carving contest between a team of Doctors and a team of Chefs.

"We're a facility that has a medical element to it but we didn't want to have just Doctors or Surgeons involved in the competition," explained Kresl. "So I thought we would throw in the artistry of Culinary Chefs, I didn't anticipate that it would turn into as heated a rivalry as it's turned out to be though."

That rivalry was evident when we caught up with a member from each team with our WOWT 6 News camera.

Dr. Alex Dworak of One World Community Health Center laid down some bold trash talk while working out in a fitness room for the event. "I try to have an even sharper mind," he said. "That's the important thing, to leave the Chefs crying in embarrassment."

From the kitchen of the Culinary Institute at Metropolitan Community College, Chef Peter Walsh retorted, "A bunch of capillary cutters aren't going to stand in my way of victory at Taste of Florence! I'm coming for ya, Alex."

A video of the two pumpkin carving contestants is included with this story.

And for more information on the Taste of Florence, click on the link included with this story.

Knicely Done!