Knicely Done: Super Cooper

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Pay a visit to Cooper Stiles house on a nice day and chances are you'll see him burst through the front door and climb on his bicycle.

The 8-year old is full of energy but the fact he's able to ride a bike is remarkable.

"When we first found out Cooper has cerebral palsy we were a little unsure on what was going to happen," explained Cooper's father, Scott. "Just like any parent we were concerned."

Riding a bike seemed unlikely because Cooper's right foot points inward.

He's received great medical attention since age five at Shriner's Hospital in Minneapolis.

Cooper was amazed that he received toys with each treatment.

He asked where all of them come from," said Dawn Stiles, Cooper's mother. "I told him it's from people who donate."

That put Cooper, who was only five at the time, on a mission to collect toys for other kids at Shriners.

"They're a really nice hospital and they make a lot of kids happy," said Cooper.

Now, for the third straight year, Cooper and his family have collected loads of toys that will be donated to Shriners Hospital.

On top of that, they've also collected 180 lbs of aluminum pop tops that will be sold by Shriners for recycling. The money raised will help with the purchase of medical equipment for young patients.

"The first year we collected 50lbs, then 70lbs the second year and we more than doubled that this year," said Scott.

For Cooper, a trip back to Shriners Hospital is planned for a procedure that will straighten his right foot.

"Cooper is an amazing child," said his mom. "He's bright, full of energy, he's the bravest kid I know. They tell him we're gonna cut your leg open and he says okay. He makes us proud daily just like his brother Nathan does."

Knicely Done!

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