Knicely Done: Johnny Klein 100 And Going Strong

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Johnny Klein had an interesting answer when asked what the secret is to long life.

"I really have not figured out that one yet, how to do that," said Johnny with a laugh.

Maybe when he turns 101 in October he'll have a better idea.

Johnny has always had plenty of activities to keep him busy. He still drives a car in Harlan where he lives (daytime only), he enjoys golf, and he was a long time pilot logging over 3000 hours.

Johnny also play harmonica and he has the perfect outlet on Friday nights in Shelby, Iowa.

Over the last five years the Corn Crib restaurant/gas station right of the interstate, has been the gathering spot for the locals and beyond for some down-home jam sessions.

"I started out in the parking lot all by myself and that was about five years ago,. said Bob Thoms in an interview with WOWT 6 News.

The word spread quickly and now the Friday night session often number 25 or more musicians.

Usually that group includes Johhny who brings along his apron that holds 8 harmonicas.

"When I started coming here I asked if he'd come along," said Johnny's friend Janet Leader.

"It's very entertaining," added Johnny. "It gives me a break from the daily routine."

Johhny said he first played harmonica when he was two. He would sneak into his brother's room and use his brother's harmonica.

"And my Mom never told him."

After forty-five minutes of jamming on the harmonica at the Corn Crib during our visit, Johnny was asked if he was tired yet.

"No," he said. "I'm just getting warmed up!" That delightful comment sparked a warm laugh from the audience.

Knicely Done!