Joyriding Thieves Foiled by Tech-Tracked Tar Truck

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A couple of teenagers escaped from the Hastings Regional Center, stole a truck and lit out for Omaha where GPS technology put a lid on their fling with freedom.

They made their getaway on Wednesday and stole a truck that belonged to BestCo Parking Lot Services. The tar kettle hooked onto the back of the vehicle made it easy to spot. So did the GPS system on board.

The BestCo employees who were using the truck Wednesday morning were about the head out on a job but their ride had vanished.

BestCo owner Darren Morton said, “When they called and said that, at first I thought it was kind of a joke but they were serious and they said. ‘get on your GPS."

Morton tracked their location in less than two minutes. He watched his truck cross the Platte River heading for Omaha.

Kelly Jensen, owner of LinkTrack, Inc. said the device that was ratting them out is, "’bout the size of a cigarette pack and we install it in a vehicle, typically kind of in an undisclosed location to anybody. That way they don't get taken out or removed - that kind of stuff."

Without any of “that kind of stuff,” in play, LincTrack kept a technological eye on the joyriders. The truck came to a stop at 47th and Bedford in Omaha. Morton passed the information to police who arrested the teens for Unlawful Taking.

Morton is happy with the outcome. "The biggest part was knowing that I got my stuff back,” he said.

As for the technology that put a hard stop to a 160 mile run, he said, “It's just so awesome.”