Cold Case: Janee Hadan's Killer Still Out There

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It's an unsolved murder in Omaha-that has caught the attention of Dateline NBC.

Janee Hadan was a mother, a preschool teacher. 10 months after her arrests in her death

It was December 15th, 2013.

The 911 audio recording, "At the Passion Lounge. No suspect information."

Gunfire breaks out in the parking lot of the Passion Lounge near 108th and Q.

"24-year-old female laying on the ground. Passion lounge." the 911 recording said.

That 24-year-old female was Janee Hadan. She would never see her three-year-old son again.

"She was on life support. She lived about 12 hours before her body gave out." said Amy Fleming, Janee's mother.

Amy shared home video her daughter's beautiful laugh.

"She was larger than life." said Amy.

Janee was a mother. She was a preschool teacher. She was a sister to Makayla. Her son Taevon was her world.

Janee and Makayla

"When he's old enough to understand what happened to his mama I also want to be able to tell him the people that did this are in jail." said Amy.

Ten months one has been arrested for Janee's murder.

"There's a lot of people that have information that are just not coming forward. This case is very solvable." said Omaha Homicide Detective Eugene Watson.

Detective Watson has been working Janee's case since the beginning. He says Janee was not the target that night.

"She was walking out with a few individuals and that’s when the gunfire started…and she just so happened to be in the crossfire." said Detective Watson.

Two other men-Brandon Patterson and Gary Lockett-were also shot in the parking lot that night. Patterson was later arrested in connection to another shooting.

"He was definitely involved that night." said Janee's Mother, Amy.

The only arrests that have been made in connection to Janee's case are three women--including one captured on surveillance video.

Sydni Powe used one of Janee's credit cards shortly after she was shot.

"Her card was used 16 minutes after she was shot." said Amy.

Detective Watson says Powe was questioned. He does not believe the three women saw the shooting.

"Once they were walking out they were escorted by at least one or two uniformed officers to their vehicle which was in close proximity to where Janee was shot. That's probably where one of them was able to retrieve her card which was on the ground." said Det. Watson.

Sydni Powe paid a $1,000 fine in this case.

Brandon Patterson-the other man wounded that night-bonded out of jail on Saturday. No one has ever been charged for Janee's death.

"The individuals that have information. I just ask that you come forward and give myself a call give any detective a call that you might know personally." said Det. Watson.

Amy knows someone saw this shooting...maybe several people. She hopes by sharing memories of Janee, they will realize the pain doesn't go away. She will not giving up fighting for her daughter.

"I wasn't there to protect her that night and this is my way of trying to protect her now." said Amy.

There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in Janee's case.

Dateline NBC is highlighting Janee's death as a Cold Case. We have posted the link above.

If you have any information in this crime, call 402.592. STOP.