Investors Win $1.4 Million Judgment

“He sold us one thing and did another with our money," said investor Dan Uhing. Managing partner Jon Arrington became harder to reach when questions cropped up.

Uhing has a photo of his wife handing Arrington a $90,000 check in 2007, but a few years later that money was gone. The Uhings lost a quarter of a million dollars altogether.

Lori Woolsey had invested her son’s future. “My money for his college and his money for his college is gone.”

Since neither Arrington or his attorney showed up for trial, District Judge John Hartigan ruled a default judgment in favor of the investors.

However, investors' attorney Gail Boliver said that’s not a money back guarantee. “It doesn’t get converted to money unless there’s something you can collect. As we know right now there appears to be nothing available to be collected.”

Arrington could not be reached for comment.