Iowa Senate Candidate Opens Up About Sexual Assault Charge

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An Iowa state senate candidate - charged with sexual assault - opens up exclusively with WOWT 6 News.

69 year-old, Donald Brantz, who is running to replace Joni Ernst later, this month, says, "Peggy claims that I pinched her in the butt and grabbed her breast. Now, if you're attacking someone, I'm not sure that's what you do."

He was advised by his lawyers not to talk.

But Brantz says, "By not saying anything, you're guilty."

The story, he says, starts with a relationship that ended years ago. Brantz was dating Peggy's sister at one point and says ever since, he's been there at the beck and call of both his ex-girlfriend and Peggy.

Brantz says, "She saw me as money and help. I was the farmer that had money."

Same story back in October. Brantz says he went over to Peggy's mother's house, to assist Peggy in taking her mother to the doctor. Brantz says his ex and Peggy began arguing. Don tried to break it up, he says, and that's where things got heated.

"She attacked, and then I lost it so I grabbed her and threw her."

According to the written complaint, Peggy claims at one point, he even threatened to kill her. Don says he might have said that in the heat of the moment...

"But I don't know that I did."

Don says he takes full responsibility for what actually happened that day, but he says he won't take responsibility for what didn't take place.

WOWT did reach out to Peggy for comment, and while she was comfortable with us using her first name, she did not want to go on camera, citing she still fears for her life.

Brantz, a Libertarian, will face Republican Mark Costello and Democrat Steve Adams in the December 30th special election.