Hormone Therapy Complaint

A woman fighting depression thought she found an answer in a television commercial. But she claims to have received a hormone overdose instead.

Hilary Jantzi said, “I felt like someone pumped six cups of coffee in my system. I was shaking. I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin, my heart was racing.”

Hilary had paid about $1,500 for hormone therapy at HRC medical in west Omaha. The clinic is part of a national chain.

Hilary went to a Nebraska doctor Carol Weckmuller who ran blood tests to measure testosterone. Dr. Weckmuller’s report said, “Your level registered at twice the normal level for a woman.” Dr. Weckmuller said, “I do believe your current symptoms directly relate to the testosterone therapy.

However a spokesman for HRC clinics sent an e-mail response to channel six news fact finders. HRC claims a 97 percent satisfaction rate with patients. The company states therapy does not result in overdoses of hormones.

The Better Business Bureau's Nashville Tennessee office has given HRC clinics based there an "F" rating.

The company offered Hilary a refund if she signs an agreement not to publicly complain about the treatment or take legal action. Hilary refuses to sign. She said, “It’s been a huge stress spending that kind of money on something that’s made the symptoms worse.”

The Company's full response in printed below.

HRC Medical has provided naturally derived hormone replacement therapy to more than 30,000 clients nationwide. We have a 97% satisfaction rate with our customers.

HRC Medical offered a refund to the individual you referenced but that offer was refused. We cannot discuss medical treatments or specifics because of privacy laws. We also offered our client the opportunity to consult further with our medical professionals. That offer was also refused.

HRC’s Amor Vie Therapy does not result in overdoses of hormones. Appropriate hormone levels vary dramatically from person to person. Any statement or opinion to the contrary is ill informed.
It is important to note, without discussing this particular complaint, that an individual’s overall health can be severely affected by stopping or starting prescription drugs that are not part of the HRC
Amor Vie Therapy.

Dr. Dan Hale is a founder of HRC but is not involved in medical treatment or decisions in Omaha. His medical license is in good standing in Tennessee. Any other licensing issues are irrelevant to the Omaha HRC Center.

As for the Better Business Bureau, our company has been targeted by the BBB because, like most medical-related businesses, we are not members of the BBB. We believe the poor rating we received from the BBB is directly related to our decision not to join and pay dues to their organization.

The BBB itself has been under investigation by law enforcement officials and national news reports have documented the organization’s efforts to give good ratings to companies that join their organization while punishing those who do not join with bad ratings and press releases to the news media. The BBB has given “F” ratings to establishments such as Disneyland, the restaurants of Wolfgang Puck and even the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston. A group of Los Angeles area businessmen proved the point by getting an A rating for Hamas, a known terrorist organization, after paying just $425 to the BBB there.

The Better Business Bureau stands behind its rating based on consumer complaints and actions taken by officials in other states.