Events To Celebrate Earth Day

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For 45 years we've all been remembering to recycle and cut energy consumption on Earth Day, but there's more we can do throughout the year.

UNO is shedding light on being environmentally friendly with a whole week of Earth Day events. From solar car races, to planting trees and alternative modes of transportation, students and faculty hope to educate students.

The Green Basis club was out this week doing a Waste Sort event. Students collected garbage from the campus and sorted it into recycling, organics and trash.

Darian Bockman, a junior at UNO, said it's easy, and everyone should do it.

"On our recycling bins we have pictures of things that are good and bad, so that's kind of nice just to show students," he said. "Even though it sometimes does still contaminate."

UNO is also hosting a transportation showcase this week. The goal is to have students reexamine driving their personal car to school every day and to think about alternative modes of transportation.

Jonna Holland, Chair of UNO's Sustainability Committee said she'd love to see students ride the bus for the first time. They can also try out the B-Cycle system, a program city-wide that allows users to check out bicycles at different spots in the city.

"These alternative modes of transportation can save you a lot of money on not only fuel but also on insurance and parking expenses," Holland said. "So whether you want to take it down to saving money or up to preserving the earth sustainability is clearly the way to go."

On top of those simple tasks, here's another six ways to be more environmentally friendly.

You can only run your dishwasher when full, air dry clothes, go paperless, grow your own herbs and vegetables, go vegetarian once a week, and create a rain garden.

A rain garden is a spot in your yard that collects rain water and drops it back into the soil, rather than having it run through pollution and dump into storm drains.

Steve Rodie, a professor at UNO, said it can be a great habitat and provide an excellent view.

"The sky's the limit in terms of flowers, grass, and rushes and a lot of stuff that's native to Nebraska that supports the insects and the butterflies that have always lived here," he said.

UNO has a rain garden outside of the Welcome Center.

For more information on how to create a rain garden, or about the events at UNO click on the links included in this story.

Companies are also rewarding consumers for being eco-friendly with some deals on Wednesday.

If you drive a natural gas car, you can stop at one of seven different area locations to get 99 cents per gallon gas.

Here are the locations:
- I-80 Fuel , 5318 L St., Omaha, NE 68117
- Metropolitan Utilities District (M.U.D.), 2614 S. 64th Ave., Omaha, NE 68106
- Trillium CNG™, 13233 Cornhusker Road, Omaha, NE 68138
- Stirk CNG/Sapp Bros Travel Center, 6001 Cornhusker Hwy., Lincoln, NE 68507
- Black Hills Energy, 1600 Windhoek Dr., Lincoln, NE 68512
- Lincoln Airport Authority, 3520 NW 36th St., Lincoln, NE 68524
- Stirk CNG/Sapp Bros Travel Center, 517 23rd St, Columbus, NE 68601

American Eagle is offering 20 percent off jeans if you bring in a pair to recycle now through April 30.

At Anthropologie kids can participate in a rain forest craft. You do need to call ahead.

And if you buy an Earth month tumbler at Caribou Coffee, you can get unlimited coffee refills in April.