Gun shop selling 'Christian Carry' pins

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "There ought to be a way for Christians to kind of be able to give a nod to each other that they're Christian and carry and that they're not going to kneel down and allow someone to kill them," said Brant Williams, Owner of Frontier Firearms.

Williams decided to create Christian Carry Pins.

"I wear these pins as you notice saying I'm Christian and I carry weapons," said Bobby Dodd who shoots at the range five days a week.

"I'm a Christian and I carry," said Rob Snider who works at the shop and also wears the pins. "I'm proud of that fact."

It all started with a Facebook ad, giving a 5% discount on handguns to anyone who says they are a Christian.

"It seems as a nation, we're working hard to exclude Christians from the public discourse," said Williams.

Now he's selling four different pins. He said it's so Christians know it's okay to defend themselves.

"Christ was a man of peace and he preached peace and tolerance but he did not preach that Christians should give up their lives in the course of their day," said Williams.

The pins have different bible verses on them talking about self defense in the bible, but some people in East Tennessee said this isn't promoting self defense, but violence.

"I am stunned that anyone that says he follows the Prince of Peace is associating with Christ and with weapons and violence," said Em Chitty, a woman who opposed the pins.

Chitty said she is concerned with religious hatred in America, and she believes Williams is betraying what our country is supposed to be about.

"I ask myself the question -- how is that different from what ISIS does," said Chitty. "I don't find an answer there."

Williams said carrying a gun or wearing the pin doesn't mean you are blood thirsty.

"It gives you an opportunity then to give others the verses in the Bible that support self-defense and uniquely share the Word of God," said Williams.

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Chitty said Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is holding a Wear Orange Walk to commemorate the Third Anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook School Sunday. She said they are honoring the victims and survivors of gun violence.