Gun Charge In Connection To Triple Homicide

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Tuesday, Omaha Police announced they had arrested a man on a weapons charge. Police say convicted felon Trenelle Miller was armed when he was hit during a deadly shootout.

Miller, 21, was booked on a felony warrant for possession of a gun by a prohibited person.

The shooting happened at 34th & Parker in late January.

Nineteen-year-old JaKela Foster and 24-year-old Latecia Fox died at the scene. Twenty-six-year-old Cameron Harris died of his wounds at the hospital.

The wounded included 20-year-old Treveon Lillard, 20-year-old Jordyn Zyla, 21-year-old Johnny Tiller, 25-year-old Andrelet Bush, and Miller.

During a press conference the day of the shooting, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer indicated several of the shooting victims were known gang members.

Miller served time in 2013 for attempted delivery of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon.