Grass Fire Rekindles

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The wind grabbed some leftover sparks from a massive grass fire on Wednesday and rekindled the blaze on Thursday.

Firefighters battled the flames for more than five hours on Wednesday. It left a trail of ash about a mile long.

At one point the blaze was only a football field away from Toua Yhang's backyard.

He told us, “We went to my backyard and the fire is right next to our backyard, our land. So, kind of afraid, hoping the fire people would turn it off before it reached up because all the grass was so dry."

The dry grass and the high winds kept the fire going. It's that same combination that keeps fire crews focused on any type of rekindle.

Ft. Calhoun Firefighter Alan Ertzner said, “Again, it's windy out there today. It doesn't take much to get a fire going with the conditions. It just takes off so within a matter of a couple minutes it could go from a small area to a large."

Officials estimate that 300 acres burned.

Fire crews from Irvington, Bennington, Waterloo, Fort Calhoun, Ponca Hills and Omaha helped fight the blaze.