Futurist & Economist Headline Annual Omaha Health Summit

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Futurist Brad Kreit of the Institute for the Future and Creighton University economist, Dr. Ernie Goss, will deliver the keynote addresses during the 2014 Omaha Health Summit, Friday, Oct. 17 at the Omaha Hilton. The summit is themed “Achieving Healthier Futures.”

The San Francisco-based Kreit will focus on Health Horizons and the Global Food Outlook. He will share how emerging technologies, genetics, data, and global water are impacting our human existence. For an eye-opening look at what beckons in the future, don’t miss his morning keynote.

Goss – Creighton’s regional economic guru – will keynote the summit’s luncheon with a look at how the current state of health of our community directly impacts economic growth and future development.

Presented by Live Well Omaha and the WELCOM, this year’s conference hosts important conversations about community health and wellness in workplace culture around the summit’s organizing theme. The event provides individuals and organizations a chance to engage in a conversation around issues that affect employee health, worksite wellness programs, and the entire community.

“We now have more reasons than ever to establish a community-wide movement and investment in creating a new definition of health,” said Anne Meysenburg, executive director for Live Well Omaha. “Omaha is a transformational community - and we’re looking for individuals and organizations to join us in the conversation and work.”

The summit is attended by decision makers from government, business, health institutions, and community based organizations, who participate in strategic dialogue about how to continue to move the dial on community and corporate health.