Fundraiser for Louise Sollowin

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A heartland woman's death is sparking debate about illegal immigration. A year ago, Louise Sollowin, died after a man assaulted and beat her. Now her family is using the horrific experience to explain why they are against illegal immigration.

A year after the attack on Louise Sollowin that led to her death, her family still feels anguish over her loss. Bill Hartzel says, "my wife, for the most part, is doing ok. there are times when she just all of a sudden breaks down and starts crying."

Last year, it was 19-year-old Sergio Perez who killed Sollowin. Perez, who is now serving a life sentence, is an illegal immigrant. Sollowin's family believes that could be the root of their problem. Bill Hartzel's states, "what we're against is people coming across the border illegally, and against the federal government that supports them in doing so."
Saturday, they held a fundraiser for a scholarship in Sollowin's name. At the event, many like congressman Steve King addressed the issue of illegal immigration. Steve King, "11,000 a night infiltrating across our border, that's right at twice the size of santa anna's army. now it's about exactly the size of santa anna's army, and some say it's not an invasion? what would it take for it to be an invasion?"

A crowd gathered for the event at Tom Hanafan river's edge park. Signs were proudly displayed reading messages like "stop the invasion," "secure borders now," and "send them all home." Cheryl Siefken, holding signs reading "pray 4 america," and "illegal = criminal," believes illegal immigration is dangerous. Cheryl Siefkin, "we're getting more and more illegal criminals in as opposed to law-abiding folks, and our legal system seems to just let them loose."

Of course there are others who feel differently. On Friday a group of latinos met at the nebraska capital, defending illegally immigrating children. Louise Sollowin, "how can a nation founded on 'one nation under god, with liberty and justice for all,' turn their back on these children and not be willing to give asylum?"