Former Omaha IRS Agent Arrested for Tax Fraud Scheme

Federal officials have arrested three people in connection to a stolen identity tax-refund scheme that was organized by an IRS employee. The scheme is believed to have generated $1 million in false claims.

In December, a federal grand jury indicted Nakeisha Hall, Jimmie Goodman and Abdulla Coleman for their involvement in a 2008 to 2011 scheme operated out of Birmingham. Officials say the three stole personal identity information from the Internal Revenue Service, created fraudulent tax returns and collected refunds.

Hall is an IRS employee who worked in the Taxpayer Advocate Service office in Birmingham. Hall had previously worked in Taxpayer Advocate Service offices in Omaha and in several other states.

Federal agents arrested Hall Tuesday. Federal agents also arrested Goodman, 37, of Birmingham, at her Cherry Avenue residence. Coleman, 37, formerly of Birmingham, is already in state custody in Wisconsin on unrelated charges.

The December indictment charges Hall, Goodman and Coleman with conspiring with others known and unknown to the Grand Jury to commit bank fraud and mail fraud affecting a financial institution. The indictment also charges Hall with one count each of theft of government funds, aggravated identity theft and unauthorized access to a protected computer.