Family still searching for crash suspect 7 years later

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) The story of Sarah Root's death re-opened old wounds for the McAdams family. It was hard for Judy McAdams and her husband Steve to watch the news. Back in 2009, their son, Steven "Mike" McAdams was killed in a car crash. Police believe the man responsible fled to Mexico. Seven years later, that man, Jose Alvarez-Valle, still hasn't been found.

"It's a terrible thing to go through. It's hard to go on day-to-day, knowing he's still out there and that you had to bury your son," said Judy.

The day Valle is found or the day he dies, that's when Steve McAdams said he’ll stop searching. He said, "But you still keep hoping, and trying. You can't stop."

The couple's home still holds pictures and memories of the son that had so much ahead of him.

"Good son. Wonderful dad," said Steve.

Mike's boy is now 16 years old. The accident that took his dad’s life is still too much for him to talk about. Steve tells WOWT 6 News that while his family has been strong, it hasn’t been the same since.

"Destroyed it. Yeah he just destroyed it. We've been strong through it, but it's just not the same... it never will be the same," said Steve.

It's a pain they don't wish on anyone, especially the Root family. They've watched from afar as word trickled in that the man suspected of hitting their daughter, bonded out of jail and then skipped town.

The McAdams family told WOWT 6 News they'd give the same advice to any family going through a similar situation.

"Try to remember the good times," said Steve.