Family Mourns Man Killed In Weekend Crash

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Heather Crawley is compiling pictures of her nephew Nick Bywater, 21.

"He just was nice to everyone," said Crawley looking over the photos.

Looking at them now brings tears to her eyes.

"He is going to be very missed," said Crawley.

Sunday, Nick was in a car with his brother Jordan Bywater, 19, and two other friends, Christy Parker and Dustin Putnam.

Jordan was driving. They were on their way to Pony Creek, when they crashed into a Buick at 30th and Lake. Police believe Jordan was speeding.

"They told me he was in a car accident and I immediately started praying," said Crawley.

Nick died a short time later at the hospital.

"I said you have to find out if it is true, I don't believe it, I don't believe it. And I talked to Nick's Dad and he said, it's true, he is gone," said Crawley.

The family is focusing on Jordan healing, and finding the best way to remember Nick.

"I want them to remember that Nick would have done anything for anyone. He was the most compassionate best dad," said Crawley.

Nick has a seventh month old son named Kaedin, but this isn't his only child.

"He was going to have a little girl in June. And he was really excited," said Crawley.

The family is determined to make sure little Kaedin and his future daughter know all the beloved qualities of their dad.

"He wanted to make you laugh and smile," said Crawley.