Families Mourn Victims Lost in Crash

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A driver is in custody just two days after a deadly crash near Weeping Water. The arrest doesn't bring comfort to the families mourning two lives cut far too short.

The Kirkhoff family is learning life can take unexpected turns.

Matthew Kirkhoff’s mother, Marilyn Kirkhoff said, “I was thinking of having a surprise party for him on that day to celebrate his graduating. And now I'm planning his funeral that day.”

On Tuesday, 24-year-old Matthew should have received his diploma. An already decorated sergeant in the Army, the family should have seen him smiling

Marilyn said, “His smile - he started smiling when he was two weeks old and he never stopped. Good son. He served his country. He was proud to serve his country.

But Matthew who loved fishing and hunting and his girlfriend Emily Widger, who loved music and her faith, died Sunday.

The driver, 25-year-old Edward Koch, is now in jail charged with motor vehicle homicide.

Emily's family is now too planning a funeral - something they shouldn't have to do but they are placing their trust in their faith.

Emily’s mother, Deb Widger, said, “It’s not our place to ask why. God knows why and that was his choice. We can say it's not fair but it’s not our place to ask why.”

Matthew’s family does the same but the mom of two military boys struggles knowing her son was taken in such a senseless way.

“Five or six years of Army that I dreaded seeing that car in the driveway and then I got them both home and that car still showed up.”

Matthew and Emily will be buried next to each other.

Edward Koch is from Quincy, Illinois. He is accused of Motor Vehicle Homicide, DUI and Possession of Marijuana.