Facebook Post Leads To Stolen Classic Car

From homicides to a missing child, local law enforcement officers have been busy investigating serious crimes this past week. So when a teenager had his car stolen, his mother realized their case would be low priority. She did her own Crimestoppers on social media.

After the theft of a Camaro restored by her 18 year old son, Jeanne Anderson put out her own A-P-B. A parent bulletin on Facebook. The mother of the car theft victim said,"I think I had close to 400 shares of that posting."

One reply came from Scott who asked his last name not be used. Scott said, "I saw a white Iroc Z28 and I'm like dang, I just saw that on Facebook."

Scott called Jeanne who did a drive-by. Jeanne Anderson said, “That’s it. I've located my stolen vehicle." But with no suspect or imminent danger she's told her call is low priority. Jeanne said, "I figured the police would find it but the police have a lot of stuff to do."

The victim staked out the stolen car for a half hour before state troopers called by Fact Finder's Mike McKnight arrived.

It was then safe for Jeanne to check out her son's car, stolen from the family acreage near Louisville the day before. Jeanne said, "See, they had to break the steering wheel to get in, the little bastards."

The stolen car found in front of a home where a trooper talks to a resident who claims not to know anything about it.

Though finding a suspect is difficult, Jeanne Anderson is relieved to recover her son's stolen car before his graduation this weekend. She can thank a stranger who became a Facebook friend.

The car theft victim has a 15-hundred dollar insurance deductible she'll have to pay to make her son's car drivable come graduation day.. But she still is sending a reward check to the facebook friend who located the classic Camaro.