Entrepreneur To Open New Transit System For Omaha Nightlife

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OMAHA Beginning June 5, 2015 Omaha will have a new transit option.

Nightlife Transit will kick-off it's coverage picking up, and dropping off, people at five Omaha entertainment district. Buses, or shuttles, will rotates through Benson, Dundee, Midtown, Downtown and the Blackstone District.

"It's something that hasn't been done here in the metro area," said Eric Burns. "To be able to have the option, not having to worry after a few drink, as well as parking because parking can be horrendous in some of these areas."

Burns and a few friends are behind the start-up. The idea meshes two of Burns' passions: bars and transportation. Burns has worked in Atlanta where he drafted research based on the public perception of public transportation. He also owns a bar in Plattsmouth. Now he's now bringing that expertise to Omaha.

The idea will include a number of apartments that will be "destination partners." Among them, Orpheum Towers and a handful of other apartments within the five targeted districts. The "destination partners" will also include bars like Brickway Brewery.

"We're working with a lot of bars, restaurants and apartment complexes to keep the cost down," said Burns. "In return we will be encouraging them, for example, to stop by Brickway Brewery, or Storz Brewery another spot we're working with."

The shuttles would run on a set path, and users would be able to track the bus location via GPS on the website tied to the group. Burns said he envisions a larger fleet when things get busier during the College World Series or other events. He said a single night would likely cost between $4 and $5, but final pricing is still be worked out. There will also be a monthly "VIP" pass for those who feel they'll be using the service regularly.

Burns said he's already working with the Public Service Commission, and doesn't foresee any hiccups between now and the launch date on June 5th.

The only problem he has now is that word is spreading quickly, and a lot of people are already calling him asking when the business will officially kickoff.