Earth-Friendly Sanitation Trucks Work the Streets

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Papillion Sanitation has some new trucks using new fuel sources to show off. They run on compressed natural gas.

They're outfitted with an arm that can hoist cans and empty them into the truck, helping to keep workers out of harm’s way.

The vehicles are also environmentally friendly. The compressed natural gas that fuels them produces about half of the carbon emissions of a diesel engine. The CNG rigs are also quiet compared to the majority of the trucks of their size on the road.

Papillion Sanitation believes these trucks are the future for this business. District Manager John Love said, “I think it is our future. You know, it’s a very abundant resource that the United States has a lot of. Our customers want more and more environmentally friendly options and we think long term we’ll recoup our investment by running these vehicles."

The trucks are a big hit with the customers.

Papillion Sanitation says they have two out in circulation and by the end of February they will have four.