Early Start For Husker Nation

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No one can seem to remember the last time Husker fans had to get up for an 11 a.m. kickoff and if they did, they're still groggy over the details. So how is the early start to Saturday's Michigan State game affecting fans?

A big chunk of Nebraska stops every Saturday for Big Red. It's an early wake-up call for Caleb Zimmerman, who's working at the Valentino’s at Memorial Stadium. “I'll wake up at 2 and we'll leave at 3 and get there at 4 a.m. It will be rough, but we'll get through it.”

From restaurants to retail, unless you're at a sports bar you'll see the lull. Hair Care Xtras, even with the Husker merchandise, can't avoid it. “They survive around surgery and Big Red games and plan accordingly and when it's an early game with short notice it just kills all retail and takes 75-80 percent of retail out,” said Joe Kubat of Hair Care Xtras.

You can go anywhere and not fight crowds. The morning start even has season ticket holders scrambling. Lori Craft of Omaha needs a scorecard just to keep track.

"My husband will drive down with friends and take my daughter to the stadium because she works there and I'll stay back to make my sons get to practice so they can play in their game on Sunday. Then we'll drive down and meet up with my husband and daughter, so it did mix things up for us."

“We'll be opening up a couple hours earlier and we'll bring in our help a lot earlier,” said Dan Novacek at the 132nd and West Center Valentino’s.

Even 4-year-olds know what happens afterwards. "I like it when they win, when they win it,” said Chase.